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Welcome to Quintessence Health Care Services

Quintessence Health Care Services is licensed as a Residential Service Agency and Health Care Staff Agency with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene under the Office of Health Care Quality. The agency provides skilled nursing and non-skilled services for people with medical needs; our patients are children, young adult and older adults that need nursing services and assistance with Activities of daily living, patients with disability diagnosis and more. 

At Quintessence health care services, our team consist of well informed, experienced and knowledge-based health care providers with a track record of excellence.

Quintessence is a health care organization dedicated to enabling the application and delivery of quality health care services to our client, at ease. We are continually on top of our game by enhancing and adding value to the services we provide. Among the services we provide are specialized nursing services, health education, q
uality assurance and continuous quality improvement, review monitoring and evaluation, utilization management and c
lient satisfaction 24/7. 

Quintessence Health Care Services promise to you: "To provide services that contribute and add value to the quality of care your loved ones receive."

Quintessence Health Care Services recognize that each patient is unique and so are their health care needs, therefore; we collaborate with the patient, support planners, physicians, family members and everyone who is actively involved in patient's care to determine the best care possible for patient’s total well-being. We work with and educate patients, loved ones, clinical and non-clinical staff as to their responsibilities and involvement in patient's or client’s care.

Our patient's Plan of Care (POC) is developed on an individual basis, based on information gathered by our talented and dedicated nurse supervisors during the initial assessment phase with patient, family members, Physician and other medical team or documentations.

Our patients are participants of Community First Choice (CFC)/Community Options Waiver (CO) and Personal  Assistance Services (PAS), Private Pay, Private Insurance and others.

Private Client may choose to Pay in form of Cash, Checks and or Money order. Some private insurance companies may require Pre-certification and may limit the number and type of home care visit that will be paid for.

At QHCS, the care of your loved one is our utmost priority.


Contact Information


15719 Ensleigh
Lane, Bowie MD 20716

Phone:    (301) 262-5669
Fax:        (301) 576-6043
Hotline:   (240) 460-0633